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emperor vodka


“Is for those with only the most sophisticated tastes.”


Emperor vodka is distinctively clean. It is made with selected grain “Lux”. The 100% pure wheat is grown in the North of France. We choose wheat from several varieties, in order to bring the best for you.

Our vodka is distilled six times. We guarantee that our vodka reaches the highest level of purity. We use water from a source in the Cognac area. Emperor vodka is a symbol of power. There is nothing like it on today’s market. Emperor is meant to conquer the world.

Emperor Vodka is certi?ed by the Export Bureau of the United Group of Mayor French Spirits Producers and contains no additives. For softening, the water is ?ltered through ionic resin ?lter and reverse osmosis.

tasting notes

Light and very smooth, with a barest bit of sweetness to it and you get the wheaty hints of multiple grains showing

through. Barely descernable but present, are tiny dashes of

red fruit, roses and citrus zest.


Clean, smooth and light with hints of sweet fruit

Alcohol: 40%



B0017P 0029


“Try it, be a King.”

Versailles vodka is for Kings! Versailles vodka is today’s model of superior quality, taste and style. It is made of 100% pure grain wheat, which comes from the North of France. The wheat is carefully selected from several varieties to attain complex flavors and attributes. Contains no additives.

This vodka is distilled six times to reach the highest level of purity. The water used comes from a source in the Cognac area. Versailles vodka is known for its heavenly clean and pure taste and a breath taking bottle design that reflects history.

tasting notes

Luscious and silky palate that is warm and filled with underlying caramel and butter notes. A rich, clean finish.


Very fresh, clean nose with buttery tones

Alcohol: 40%


Winter Palace Vodka

Winter Palace

“Turn back in time, and feel like royalty.”


Winter Palace is recognized for its easy and soft texture. It touches taste buds with softness and palates with smoothness. It is made of 100% pure grain wheat.

We have brought you the best quality wheat only found in the North of France. The very same blend is enjoyed in the courts by Russian Tzars.

This vodka is distilled six times to reach a high level of purity. The water used comes from a source in the Cognac area. Winter Palace vodka is part of a noble history. Certified by the Export Bureau of the United Group of Mayor French Spirits Producers. Contains no additives.

tasting notes

The palate is extremely smooth and refreshing spice and citrus are the perfect balance that stimulates the taste buds.


Sweet grainy nose with a hint of citrus and herbs.

Alcohol: 40%





Giorgio G XO Cognac

Giorgio G XO

The Best of the Best

A blend of over 70 crus,  from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne (Champagne is the French term for chalky soil), and Borderies Cognacs. Every “Cru” stands for a different fragrance such as  flowers, green fruits, grapes and others.

Age:  Cognac 35 years old.

Color:  It has a brown-gold, dark amber color accented by brilliant glints of red flames.

Smell:  The first wave of aromas and flavors offer a dense, fruity overtone of orange and passion fruit evolving into notes of chocolate and coffee.

Taste: Well balanced and smooth, with notes of caramel, ripe plum, spices, apricot and pear.

Finish: Medium long, clean, with some honey.  The after-taste will linger for over twenty minutes after enjoying.


Giorgio G cognac-LE--monolex

Giorgio LE

“The Best of the Best”

100% Grand Champagne

Premier Cru Cognac

Controlled Appellation

All Giorgio G Cognacs are embossed with 22k gold.

Age:  Cognac is 50 years old.

Color:  Deep rich heartwood of Cherry.

Smell:  Exceptional, slightly sweet, full and soft, resinous honey, maple syrup, slightly spicy, warm plum purée with some caramel.

Taste: Highly refined and full of flavors; leather, pepper, toast, honey, fruit, cigar humidor,  prune compote, coffee, and honeyed hazelnuts.

Finish: Excellent taste that will linger for over thirty minutes after drinking.


Giorgio G Cognac-SLE-monolex

Giorgio G Special LE

The Best of the Best

A blend from 50% Grande Champagne, 30% Petite Champagne, and 20% Borderies Cognacs. Packaged in an exclusive cherry wood display box, lined with Giorgio logoed satin.

Age:  Cognac is 50+ years old.

Color: Dark, rich mahogany

Smell:  Very full old Grande Champagne enjoyment, with the scents of honey, oak, humidor, and cashews, with interesting rancio notes.  The nose is quick changing and should be savored over a long period of time.

Taste: Pretty much as good as it gets. Powerful cognac with a long structure. Full of dried fruit, coffee, cocoa, caramel, leather, vanilla bean, ripe plum, and gingerbread.

Finish: Excellent taste that will linger for over one hour.