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moldova-mapThe Republic of Moldova is a beautiful small country located in southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania and the Ukraine. Lying near the Black Sea, where wine making is thought to have begun, Moldova shares the same latitudes as some of the best wine growing regions of France. Although its climate is more like that of Burgundy, its latitudes are similar to those of Bordeaux, between 46° and 48°.

The countryside of Molodva is characterized by rolling green hills and valleys with elevations of 100 to 300 meters above sea level.

Grapes have been grown and made into wine in this region for thousands of years, and thus wine holds a special place in local culture. Moldovans like to point out that their country is the only one whose map resembles a bunch of grapes.




Moldovan Indigenous Grapes

Feteasca Alba

Cultivated for centuries in Moldova, Feteasca Alba is a grape with a light, fresh, floral aroma.

Feteasca Neagra

Grown in Molodova Prut River Valley for over 2000 years, Feteasca Neagra stands out through its rich bouquet, wild cherry aroma, smooth fruity finish.

Rara Neagra

Dating back to before Christ, Southern Moldova is the perfect region for Rara Neagra with it’s hint of dry fruit and vanilla, fresh taste, and smooth finish.moldovan-wine-and-spirits-shop


Wines with Worldwide Fame

Generations of winemakers have perfectioned the process of crafting these wines with passion and dedication.
Monolex Trading brings these extraordinary wines to you.